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      2. About us
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        Xuzhou Tianrong Medical & Communication Equipment Co., Ltd is a  professional  manufacturer,   which is  one  of the  leading  companies upon  multi-parameter  patient  monitor  in  China  since 1997.  Tianrong  got  CE /ISO9001/ISO13485 certificates.

        The main products are TR900/800 series Multi-parameter patient monitor,   finger-tip/handheld/tabletop pulse oximeter, and mother/fetus  integration  monitor.  Not  only  have the  products  been  introduced  to domestic  market  covering all  provinces  in  China   mainland,   but   also   exported  to  the world  marketsuch  as  India, Indonesia, Colombia, Chile, Middle East and  UK etc.

        Tianrong welcome OEM cooperation for developing our business. We  can  do designation,   development, manufacture  and  service  job according to counterpart's special  requirements. Choosing  Tianrong,  you  will find a wonderful tomorrow.

        Coopyright 2015 www.tianhui123.com Tianrong medical communication equipment Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved
        Company address: 21-1 Yangshan Road, Xuzhou Economic development zone, xuzhou city, jiangsu province, china, 24 hour Hotline :+86-13395229510 telephone :+86-516-85532818 E-mail : LB@tianrong.cn